Contact | Chelsea, the Freebie Queen of the Internet

Hello, thanks for visiting Free Mania. 

I know the internet has blown up into this impersonal vessel, but you can still think of Free Mania as a mom & pop shop. I read all your email, appreciate feedback, and clean the shop floor at the end of the day. I thought about putting a form on this page because it would look prettier, but then I realized that you really just want to write me - and you probably don't need anything beyond an email address to do that! 

So, you can find me at!

Emails I enjoy and respond to:
- Thoughtful feedback
- Advertiser interest
- Collaboration ideas 

Messages that confuse me include:
- Request for free product samples for events
- Anything illegible 
- Anything that looks or sounds like it didn't come from a human

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!