3 FREE Skin Care Treatments You Can Do at Home

1. Cucumber for Under Eye Circles / Moisturizing

This is one of my favorite beauty routines. A cucumber is often 50 cents to a dollar, great in smoothies, tacos, and salads… plus, plus, plus – your face loves this beauty freebie, made from household products. And your face (namely your skin), will love it. You can cut up several pieces, place on your face and lie back for 5-10 minutes to let the moisture in. Boom, your first free skin treatment has been served. The second one builds on the age old cucumber to the face tactic.


2. Cucumber + Lemon for Redness Reduction & Skin Brightening

To jazz up the cucumber methodology, go even bigger by adding some fresh lemon juice and then apply the cucumber to your face. If you have sensitive skin, this may not work, so be careful and pay attention to your body. For me, my skin tingles, tightens, and brightens. It also reduces puffiness and redness. Follow the same instructions for the free cucumber treatment mentioned above. Again, this is cheap, if not free!!! Who doesn’t have lemons and cucumber hanging around their fridge?


3. Neosporin for Rosacea and Skin Redness

I got this beauty hack from a guy friend of mine! He said that while he was traveling internationally, someone told him to apply Neosporin after shaving to reduce shaving redness, often caused by micro abrasions and bacteria. He said it even works for Rosacea, which I recently learned is caused by mites that live on human skin. Ewwwwww. If this doesn’t work, try a little tea tree oil mixed with some coconut oil, one of natures best moisturizers.

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